The following names are those who:
1. had been incarcerated at Poston
2. had family members incarcerated at Poston, or
3. visited Poston during their furlough
MIS=Military Intelligence Service
442nd RCT 442nd Regimental Combat Team
 522nd FA Bn =522nd Field Artillary Battalion

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ABE, George Jiro. (37-4-C) Pfc. 442nd 3rd Bn Co. K.

ABE, Hideo L. (visited block 216) T/5. From Fort Snelling
Abe, James Paul. (family in block 37) S/Sgt. 100th Bn HQ Co.
ABE, James S. (block 37) Sgt. went to Camp Shelby. 
ABE, Masao. (visited Yukie Abe 14-2-D) T/5. MIS, 81st Infantry Div. language team, 323rd Regiment, Palau Island. Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart, Letter of Commendation Award. 
ABE, Masaru. (318-6-B) T/Sgt. 100th Bn Co. A. Bronze Star
ABE, Oliver Saburo. (visited block 37) S/Sgt. 100th Bn  Co.  A.  Distinguished Unit Badge, Combat Infantry Badge. From Seal Beach.
ABE, Toshio William. (visited block 330) T/5. MIS. Delhi, Burma. 
ABE, Yasuo. (220-9-D) Pvt.  from Fort Douglas
AIHARA, Ben. (213-6-C) Pfc. 442nd 2nd Bn Co. E
AIHARA, George Teitaro. (213-6-C)  went to Camp Wheeler, Georgia. Expert Infantryman Badge
AIHARA, Louis. (visited block 21) Cpl. from Camp Robinson
AKAHORI, Yoneo Bob. (222-3-A)  MIS
AKAHOSHI, John Masami. (block 42) Pfc.  442nd 2nd Battalion HQ Co. 
AKAMATSU, Isamu Eddie. (2-4-B) Pvt.  442nd 2nd Battalion HQ Co.
AKIYAMA, Hideo.(16-2-B)  Pfc. 100th Bn Co. C. Combat Infantryman Badge, Purple Heart. Died of wounds 10 Jul 1944 in Italy.
AKIYAMA, Teruo. (36-11-A)  MIS
AMANO, Frank Kazuo. (6-11-A) MIS.
ANDO, Joseph F. (block 14) Sgt. 100th Bn  Co.A. Distinguished Unit Badge, Combat Infantry Badge
ANZAI, Allen Toshio. (326-4-C)  S/Sgt. 442nd 3rd Bn Co. M
AOCHI, Tom Sadayoshi. (4-11-A)  Pfc. 442nd 3rd Bn Co. M
ARITA, Harry S. (visited block 14)  MIS, from Fort Snelling
ARITOMI, Ted Itetsu. (block 317)  S/Sgt. MIS, Zebra Platoon
ARIYASU, George Joji. (15-10-A)  S/Sgt. MIS. Zebra Platoon.
ASAKAWA, George. S/Sgt. (block 330) from Camp Shelby
ASADA. Toru (216-13-G) went to Fort Blanding.
ASANO, Esao I. (#18783A) HQ Co. MIS Language School. 
ASANO, Yasuo Charles. (block 15) S/Sgt. 100th Battalion Co.B. Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge. From AZ.

ASE, Kiyoshi Luther. (block 39) MIS. from Imperial Co.
AZUMA, George Yoji. (329-1-B)  Tec/5. MIS
Azuma, Takeo (329-1-B) went to Fort Douglas from Chula Vista

CHIKAHISA, James Satoshi. (60-5-D)  MIS. HQ Co. Language School
CHISAKI, Shunichi "Jake" (60-10-A) MIS

DOI, Bill Makoto.  ( 213-13-H) Pvt.  442nd 2nd Bn Co. H
DOI, Frank Takeshi.  (6-5-B) Pfc.  442nd 3rd Bn  Co. M
DOI, Thomas. Pfc. 442nd Co E.  Arrived from Ft Leonardwood for father's funeral. 213-13-H.

EGUCHI, Bunkichi Bun.  (308-9-D) Pfc. 442nd 2nd Bn Co. G
ENDO, Fujio W. Pvt. 100th Bn Co. A. Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge. Visitor
ENDO, Hiroo Harry. ( 221-8-C) Pfc.  442nd 2nd Bn Co. G, Service Co. KIA 08 Apr 1945 in Italy.
ENDO, John Kazuo. (block 215)  Tec/4. 442nd 3rd Bn Co.K
ENDO, Masami. S/Sgt. 442nd Service Co. Combat Infantry Badge, MIS. Visitor
ENDO, Susumu Sim. (215-8-CD)  MIS.
ENDO, Takeo. (220-1-C)  4/1945-active duty overseas
ENO, Takao. (42-5-A)  MIS. Radio Section
ENO, Takeru. (42-5-A)  Sgt. 442nd Co. M
ETO, George.  T/Sgt. 442nd 206 Band. Visited Block 32
ETO, Mitsugu.  (209-5-CD) S/Sgt 100th Bn  Co. B. Combat Infantry Badge
ETO, Wataru.  (209-5-CD) Pfc. 442nd 3rd Bn Co.  I
ETOW, Toshiko Nancy. (216-5-B) Women's Army Corps
EZAKI, Takashi.  (12-8-D)  Pfc. 442nd 2nd Bn HQ